The work TALITAKUM (2015) is selected for the painting section in Maleventum Contest 2015, International Contemporary Art Competition sponsored by the Province and the Chamber of Commerce of Benevento.
The work is exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art ARCOS.


More than a celebration of our inner strength – explains Zagato – Talitakum represents an imperative to have faith in that strength; to believe it with all of us and not to stand still. It is in the dark that we feel within us an energy able to make us do something that just before we would never have dared. It is in the dark that our instincts guide us and bring back the light, a new and different light.
In the painting, the light is symbolized by gold and is constantly changing: never equal to itself, it changes according to the position of the viewer with respect to the framework. The red is the strength: it is growing and takes substance changing from pink to orange and red. Gold and red are mixed together and, through tones and games of light, tell us how much our internal strength is the most sacred and magnificent belongings we own“.