After a year of collaboration, Beatrice Zagato and Steve McCracken exhibit their work at the Shipton Street Gallery in London. Symbolic location, since in Columbia Road, where the gallery is, Beatrice and Steve based their own art studio where they produced the artworks.

The work exhibited have been realized with two-pair of hands by the artists and are part of the project London is open, which aims to create bridges between different cultures and countries, as an alternative to Brexit and to the ‘walls’ of sovereign contemporary policies.

Versione 2

In October 2017, Zagato won the art residency organized by Art Apartments and committed to find a London artist who shared her idea of ​​creating social openings through art, willing to develop a joint artistic project. Through a series of photos, Zagato documented the challenge of her encounters, including a first unsuccessful artistic collaboration.

The openness started when Zagato meets the artist McCracken. Beatrice is Italian, Steve English. Together they created a series of artworks in which they manage to integrate each other’s creative style, giving life to something new. They increased the project by collaborating with people with disabilities, at the Charity PIP – Pursuing independent Paths (, and with children and adults, at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art of London ( The central idea is to stimulate the interaction between people and to create new connections.

Their collaboration demonstrates how openness and dialogue trigger innovative ideas and constant improvement.

The exhibition at Shipton Street Gallery is realized in collaboration with Art Apartments.