Toyou (series)


TOYOU photo series is a collection of over 500 shots that the artist has selected and matched together to create multiple compositions of colors and movement, each different.

Every image was taken from Nature. A simple bouquet of flowers or the leaves of a tree in autumn was observed and photographed from many different perspectives and then joined to each other, creating an almost abstract composition where each element is no longer recognizable by its shape, but transmits through the color intensity and the energy of movement , the explosive power that nature gives off.

TOYOU is intended to be a tribute to Nature and its infinite beauty which, even in its extreme simplicity, generates astonishment within each of us. It is in Nature that we find freedom; somehow, in fact, we feel that we are part of it and always need to return to it.

Nature belongs to us: it is a treasure no man is lacking.

That is why the artist creates a kind of game, encoraging everyone to play by choosing and realizing “their own composition”.
Therefore, this photo series is also an invitation to become aware of the value of what we have and belongs to us, of its importance. There is no need to stop time or progress to continue to enjoy its beauty, but rather it is precisely in the name of this progress that we must take care of what nourishes us.

Today, in our modern, urbanized world, more than half of the natural beauties of the Earth have been destroyed. We still have Nature’s 45%, remained untouched for now.