Beatrice Zagato wins the INTERNATIONAL PRIZE PITAGORA 2015 with the work Blue desires (130 x 210cm).

An award bestowed by the European Union for the opening of the Pythagoras Museum of Crotone and its thematic Park dedicated to the great philosopher, with the aim to reward Art as a vehicle of culture and a precious urban redevelopment tool.

Mathematics related to Art, in both is always imagination that leads to discovery’. This is the concept of the competition and the central idea of the works selected for the exhibition ‘Pythagoras docet’, where different aspects of Pythagoras thought, so complex and wonderful, are narrated through contemporary languages by international artists. This is the demonstration of how, through the centuries, Pythagoras theories maintain an actuality that continues today to engage and captivate.

The winning work Blue desires remains on permanent display at the Museum of Art and Science Pythagoras.
During the awards ceremony, the great master Gerardo Sacco gives to the winning artist a glass sculpture that he realized for the occasion.

A whole day is, then, dedicated to workshops and teaching laboratory with the students of Higher schools of Croton, where the artist gives a practical demonstration of the importance of creativity in scientific discovery.