Beatrice Zagato is part of the examination committee of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, as expert of Art law and protection of artists. She is co-supervisor of a Master’s degree thesis in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities. Thesis title: “The profession of the artist“.

I had the pleasure to be co-supervisor of this Master’s degree thesis in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities and I would like to thank Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for giving me this opportunity.
I am very proud and happy that my first student obtained the highest marks with this project, I had no doubt from the beginning, both for her skills and for the subject matter.

Art market is one of the markets where most money is involved worldwide, yet there is no regulation on the subject.
In Italy (as in other countries) there is no recognition of ” the Profession of artist”, therefore no protection.

In the difficult days of emergency for the Covid-19, many artists have been asked to participate with their work in auctions whose proceeds went to charity. That’s right, because art is a social essencial tool we can not live without.

So why artist are so often expected to create for free?
I believe that in no other profession this happens.

Everyone says that this historical moment we are living, determined by the virus, will change the world. We should not rebuild it from where we left it, but from how we want it. I strongly believe that giving artists the recognition they deserve should be among the many changes.

This is why this thesis entitled “The profession of the artist” could only be a thesis of excellence“.

Beatrice Zagato

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